Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Functions of commercial cleaning services

Whether you are looking for a cleaning solution for building and/or office, a cleaning service will be the most suitable proposal...
Commercial Cleaning Birmingham
Commercial Cleaning Birmingham
Professional cleaners play an important role paired with any organisation and also have the ability to provide and cater a business's cleaning requirements.
Role of commercial cleaning service
It's a practical option for a business to employ a commercial cleaning company, no matter the requirement, it's of high importance to have a clean office for the appeal of clients and the workers.
When cleaning the offices, it may be done in a day or via a schedule that has been agreed on with the company.

Advantages and benefits

  • Company's time and money will be saved by providing special services that a cleaning service should provide
  • Cleaning company should be hiring commercial cleaners that can perform the task of removing any waste materials
  • Requirements are to be covered by the commercial cleaners
  • Cleaners will prioritise the work that needs to be done and can then discuss if any further work needs doing and when it can be scheduled
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Fidelis Contract Services Ltd

Cleaning Companies Birmingham
General office cleaning  is not always everyone’s priority.  You may have cleaners and not even notice them or have never met them, but you hope that they do a good job for a good price. This is why you need to use a professional like Fidelis.
Fidelis, one of the best cleaning company in Birmingham, offer excellent cleaning services, currently in Birmingham and the Greater Midlands area for businesses from all sectors and of all sizes.
You can truly bestow your confidence in Fidelis.  Our high standards reflect the high quality image our customers display.  It portrays the image that our customers want to project to their contractors, their employees and their clients.
A clean workplace can make the difference-to all of our customers stakeholders. Nobody notices when an office has been cleaned or a work floor scrubbed, but they notice if you DON’T do it! and it can speak a thousand words.
Fidelis cover a number of services to ensure that when it comes to your cleaning, all your needs can be met; and they are met by a professional team who are always available to answer your questions.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Facilities Management

The definition given by CEN the European Committee for Standardisation, and ratified by BSI British Standards, for Facilities Management is: "Facilities management is the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities."
Facilities management in Birmingham Midlands essentially surrounds multi-disciplinary activities that are integrated within the built environment and the management of the impact in the workplace and on people.
The foundation
Below are listed some of the key elements in the development of facilities management (FM):
- Cost-cutting initiatives of the seventies and eighties under which of the organisations began to outsource any 'non-core' services
- Integration of the planning and management of a variety of services that cover both hard and soft services; hard, for example building fabrics and soft, catering, cleaning, health and safety, mail room and security in order to achieve better quality and economies of scale
Facilities management today
FM is presently large and complex, it compromises a mixture of in-house departments, specialist contractors, large multi service companies and a corporation that delivers a full range of build, finance and management.
The practitioners within the facilities management profession require knowledge and skill. The sector definition continues to expand to include the management of an increasingly broad range of tangible assets, support services and people skills.
Brilliant facilities management teams can, amongst other things:
- Deliver effective management of an organisation's assets
- Enhance the skills of people within the FM sector and provide identifiable and meaningful career options
- Enable new working styles and processes which is crucial in such a technology driven age
- Enhance and project an organisation's image and identity
In the future, the successful business will integrate facilities management into their strategic plan.
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Friday, 12 June 2015

Hiring a professional cleaning company

Cleaning Company Birmingham

Owners of any type of establishments, whether an office, retail store, medical or educational facilities know that is it vital to keep the work space clean.

Cleanliness of any environment promotes better health and promotes work. Thus why it is beneficial to hire a professional cleaning company that can keep your work environment spotless. The following are the advantages that come with hiring a professional cleaning company:

One can be assured, when hiring a cleaning company, that they will have great attention to detail. They will have the correct cleaning products and tools to do an efficient job and ensure that every nook and cranny of the environment is clean. It is possible that certain areas or places will be overlooked if you have a regular cleaner clean for you.

 Our services will be tailored to suit you and your business. You can customise your entire cleaning plan so we can come and clean at the most appropriate time for you, or if you would like your cleaners to focus on a specific area of the company, we can do that. This means a customised cleaning service can save you both time and money.

 As mentioned, cleaner environments increase productivity and can also go that extra mile of making workers feel safe. Sometimes the decreased productivity in workers could be down to the cleanliness of the environment!

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